What To Give on Your Anniversary! A Complete Guide to Gifting

July 21, 2015



Did you know that every anniversary has a special type of gift that you are suppossed to give according to the year you are celebrating? 


Did you also know that there are two versions of gifting, a traditional and a modern? 


Didn't know that? Don't feel so bad, neither did I.


There are so many types of gifts, who can remember all this? Most of us have hard enough time remembering the actual dates, let alone getting a gift. 


To help you all out, I created this simple guide to help you understand what to give for each anniversary. For the first twenty-five years there are modern and traditional options. Then once you reach the big twenty-five, they start to even out! (Whew) 


There is much symbolism behind each gift as well. The history behind these gifts explains that the longer you are together, the more you are rewarded for growing together as a couple! 


Keep in mind the gifts don't need to extravagant, just from the heart. And don't forget the most important part: a beautiful card!


Make sure to take the time to write a sweet message in your card. Again, make it simple and from the heart! 


Happy Gifting! 



1st Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Paper
Modern Gifts: Clocks




2nd Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Cotton
Modern Gifts: China



3rd Wedding Anniversary 
Traditional Gifts: Leather
Modern Gifts: Crystal



4th Wedding Anniversary 
Traditional Gifts: Fruit or Flowers
Modern Gifts: Appliances


5th Wedding Anniversary 
Traditional Gifts: Wood
Modern Gifts: Silverware




6th Wedding Anniversary 
Traditional Gifts: Candy or Iron
Modern Gifts: Wood



7th Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gifts: Wool or Copper
Modern Gifts: Desk Sets



8th Wedding Anniversary 
Traditional Gifts: Bronze or Pottery
Modern Gifts: Linens or Lace



9th Wedding Anniversary 
Traditional Gifts: Pottery and Willow
Modern Gifts: Leather



10th Wedding Anniversary 
Traditional Gifts: Tin or Aluminum
Modern Gifts:Diamond Jewelry




15th Wedding Anniversary 
Traditional Gifts: Crystal
Modern Gifts: Watches



20th Wedding Anniversary 
Traditional Gifts: China
Modern Gifts: Platinum



25th Wedding Anniversary 
Gifts: Silver


30th Wedding Anniversary 
Traditional Gifts: Pearl
Modern Gifts: Diamond



40th Wedding Anniversary 
Gifts: Ruby



50th Wedding Anniversary 
Gifts: Gold



55th Wedding Anniversary
Gifts: Emerald



60th Wedding Anniversary 
Gifts: Diamond



At 60 , You are basically the kings and queens of the world! 


A mic drop is TOTALLY appropriate, Congrats!




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