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The Return of The Great ROMCOM!


by David Cruz

Confession. I love Romantic Comedies.

The mere mention of the word instantly sparks images of Meg Ryan, old soundtracks by Bryan Adams and yes, even Sex and the City. However, RomComs have noticably been absent from tv and movie lines up for a while now. Even Katherine Heigl (who was my last hope for a new RomCom Queen) has traded her romance roles for dramas.

I get it though. HBO has been killing it lately with Game of Thrones and Girls. Then theres the obscene amounts of comic book superhero's on tv too. When you add all that to the mix, it's no wonder we forgot about the RomCom.

But that's all about to change.

This Fall, two big newtorks (NBC & ABC) are hitting hard with multiple offerings of RomComs that will make your little romantic bones shout with glee!

I recently had the opportunity to watch them all and here is my review of each of them. I graded them on three things: Relatabilty, overall concept and cuteness!

And because I couldn't resist, I graded each of them with a hearts instead of thumbs. 4 hearts is like 4 stars and a "Heartbreaker" is basically a dud. So avoid that show.

Enjoy and if you can, try to catch each of these shows when you can or head online! Most of these shows are screening on the web or app prior to airing. Enjoy!


1. SELFIE, Tuesdays ABC

(2 Hearts)

Its a modern tale of a self obsessed girl and who loves social media. Said girl employs the help of a co-worker to set her straight after a bad day at work proves she has no real friends. Not too bad of a story line, it gets points for originality.

However, this show felt more of like a preamble to a "Very Special Episode One Tree Hill" than a RomCom. What I do commend though, was it's message. If we all don't put our phones down, we will miss all the awesome people right in front of us.

It's definitely worth a looksie, just don't hold your breath for a Bryan Adams single to be released.


2. Manhattan Love Story, Tuesdays, ABC

(3 hearts)

Remember when I said I love Meg Ryan, well this show is giving me RomCom heart palpitations and that's a good thing!

Between the earily similar "Youv'e Got Mail" plotline, the narration and the the lead character giving me serious Meg Ryan body language- this show had me at hello.

Though it's slow to start, this is a fabulous attempt to rekindle those fond memories of all the things I know and love about RomComs. The comedic writing is pretty solid too. They find the way of telling a modern story about dating in 2014 without throwing it in your face.


3. A to Z, Thursdays, NBC

(3 1/2 Hearts)

This is one of my favorite shows so far. They too tip thier hat to the modern world of dating, but then flip it by having the lead character Zelda, be the one to avoid love and the guy, Andrew desperate to fall victim to cupid's arrow.

The show has a strong cast with comedic zingers that make you want to write them down and use later. The pilot also has a similarity to "You've Got Mail" where the two leads find themselves in the same places but never knowing who eachother are. Oh love... your so funny like that.

This show tugged at my heart strings and allows you to very easily care about the two main characters.


4. Marry Me, Tuesdays NBC


Last but not least, Marry Me. Even though this show does not air until October 14th, this is the stand out from the pack. So I am tellling you now, make room on Tuesday night or set your DVR's!

Marry Me follows a young couple in thier thirties that has been dating for six years. Any woman will tell you this, but if you have been dating for six years and haven't been given a ring... It's time to shape up or ship out!

This show follows the very funny journey of how a couple goes from dating, saying "I love you" and eventually getting engaged. With all the funny crazy things inbetween, that's what makes this show the funniest of them all!

**Confession number two. None of these shows recived a "Heartbreaker" rating as all of them were pretty fantastic! Love live the RomCom!

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