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DATE NIGHT ALERT: Nicholas Sparks is BACK!

by David Cruz

Well call me crazy, but it has been a hot second since we here at Finding Cupid felt like we could trust Nicholas Sparks to deliver a good old love story again. I mean, the man gave us "The Notebook" - but honestly there hasn't been a solid hit that we have loved since then.

Sure he gave us "A Walk To Remember" and "Nights in Rodanthe" but I just can't forgive him for "The Lucky One" and "Safe Haven" and "Dear John."

I don't care how many Hollywood Hotties you put in them.

But here we are... a new trailer, a new soundtrack (the first single from Lady Antebellum) and a very promising cast which includes a scruffy James Marsden (also from The Notebook.)

All signs ar pointing to yes here. Take a look at the trailer and tell what you think! Oh yeah, I added the lead single below too.

The Best Of Me hits theaters October 17th in the US.

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