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Nerds We Love!


In a world filled with manly scruff and crossfit gyms, we are happy to report that the stock for "Joe Average" is once again on the rise!

Call him skinny, nerdy and maybe even dorky, but any guy with a love for comics and a wicked sense of humor is climing the ranks of the most coveted types of men woman are after.

News flash: Beard and top knots are so 2014. Nerds and Dad Bods are IN!

Here is a ist of the super cute and nerdy men making thier way into our hearts right now!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

From 500 Days of Summer to Inception, JGL has always had us at hello. His dapper style and boysih charm set the bar very high for all those who followed.


Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy was always "Jimmy from SNL" before he was BIGTIME at The Tonight Show. No matter how much success he has, he will always win us over with that amazing sense of humor and smile!


David Tennant

Here is where we get nerd-tastic! We love David because of his Dr. Who connection. Need we say anymore?

david tennant.jpg

Andrew Garfield

As if those looks already didn't slay us. Andrew will always leave us wanting to be Mary Jane kissing him as Spider Man- upside down in the rain. Swoon. (Sorry Toby)


Charlie Cox

When Netflix announced they were rebooting "Daredevil" we rolled our eyes so hard we fell over. But then, when we saw Charlie's performance... and how hunky he got, we were ALL IN! Hey Charlie... HOW YOU DOIN?!

charlie cox.jpg

Nicholas Hoult

Back in the day when we were swooning over Hough Grant (and we still do) In 'About A Boy" we came across this young actor. Many years later he would steal our hearts with those big blue eyes in A Single Man and X-MEN. We can't decide if it's the English accent or those eyes that make us lose all sense of direction... maye it's both.


Callum Turner

This former model turned actor has a star thats on the rise! This photo (Courtesy of GQ) recently hit the news stands and we instantly were sold. He has a bunch of films on the way and from the looks of it, we should keep an eye on this ardorable face!


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