Things We Love: Japanese Washi Tape


I’m not going to lie… I am a DIY Fantatic! I wasn’t like this all my life- god only knows I would much rather hire someone to do most of my creative work than have to think about any part of it.

Then, like the magic of a thousand One Direction fans showing up to buy tickets to a concert- one day I was sold!

Once you realize how fun and EASY most DIY’s have become- it get’s pretty addicting. I love it when people say “You made that?” or “You did that yourself?!” It’s like I’m a modern day hero!

Maybe Martha Stewart has been hogging the spotlight all these years because nobody called her bluff. But I am here to tell you folks.


So this weeks Do It Yourself (DIY) is inspired by my favorite thing in the world: Japanese Washi Tape!

Sounds fancy doesn’t it!? Well it is- kinda. Basically its Japanese masking tape made with Japanese handmade paper. But here is a little bit of history on it (before I dumb it down)…


Washi Tape

A Short History of Washi Tape

The whole washi tape phenomenon started in 2006. A group of artists approached a Japanese masking tape manufacturer – Kamoi Kakoshi – and presented them with a book of art they had created using the company’s industrial masking tapes. The artists requested that Kamoi Kakoshi manufacture colorful masking tapes for artists.

This was the start of mt masking tape. In the beginning, there were 20 colors, colors designed to bring out the beauty of the rice paper (or washi) used to make the tape. The tapes were a hit – with artists, crafters, and design lovers – both in Japan and, gradually, internationally. With success came new colors, patterns and sizes.

(And scene)

Now the fun stuff… This is super easy to make cards & gift wrap out of… but seriously though. I don’t ever want any of you to say you can’t make anything- cause this shit is easy. (yes, I’m getting aggressive.)

Three things you should stock immediately in your emergency gift wrap arsenal:

1. Craft Paper (or ANY grocery store paper bag)

2. Washi Tape of all colors (good for any occasion)

3. Bakers Twine (I suggest red & white, Brown and White- they go with everything)

Washi tape is as easy to use as regular tape- just pull and cut! We can’t be friends if you mess this up. I’m just saying.