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Designer Spotlight: Jason Bradley-Krauss of "Design With Heart"

At Finding Cupid, we love to discover new designers, artists and small businesses, then support them any way we can. We get even more excited when we discover new brands that have a modern love aesthetic to them.

Enter Design With Heart.

We came across this small Ohio based company when a friend discovered them at the National Stationary show in New York. She immediately connected the two of us and we fell in love. (pun intended)

We had a chance to chat with Design With Heart Creative Director, Jason Bradley-Krauss about how DWH was created and what inspires him to design such beautiful cards.

After your done reading, head to "The Marketplace" to shop these cards and send all the people in your life a little surprise to tell them how much you love them!

What is the story behind "Design With Heart" and what was the inspiration to start it?

My husband, Christopher, and I are going on 20 years together. When we were legally married — with our two adopted children at our sides — we were celebrated with an outpouring of love. Many of our friends sent us the exact same card. I noticed how few options people had for buying cards to celebrate the occasion.

I like to say "Love lit the creative spark that became Design With Heart." We say all the things that people want to say, no matter who they are or who they love.

Tell me about your design approach. We love the modern feel, why did you choose this?

I always say, "I orchestrated my life at an early age." I announced I would grow up to become a graphic designer when I was in the third grade. Design is how I see the world.

I wanted to create a line of cards that reflect my love for gorgeous type, sumptuous paper and also remain really crisp and editorial in feel.

What are some of your favorite designs and why?

I am a husband, a father of two active children and I run two design businesses. In all areas of my life, I like simplicity. Some of my favorite cards from the line are among the most simple.

The "I Love Us" card makes me smile every time I see it. It is a good reminder to me to keep my love with my partner (I'm not used to calling him my husband, yet!) and my children top of mind. I'm grateful for my family. That card kind of sums me up.

In your opinion, what makes a good card: design or greeting?

I like the idea that these greeting cards begin a conversation, but do not attempt to be the entire conversation. Too often, I find cards today are trying to say too much. I deliberately kept the sentiments and design very simple with this line. Plus, the cards are blank inside, so folks can include their own truly personal message.

"I like the idea that these greeting cards begin a conversation, but do not attempt to be the entire conversation." -Jason Bradley-Krauss

When you are in creative mode, describe to me what it's like?

My best creative times are when I can fully engage and focus on my work. Lots of people seem to multi-task really well. Me? I like to mono-task! My studio is in a carriage house which we connected to our home. I really like to get up and work very early in the morning before the rest of my family is awake or very late at night when the rest of the house is asleep.

You never really know when true creative inspiration is going to hit -- maybe the line of a book, the lyric to a song, a great color combination in a magazine. I try to stay open to all of it. I keep notepads around and jot ideas down as then come to me. I scribble ideas and inspirations down when I think about them. Sometimes these scribbles become actual design work, and sometimes I can see themes that inspire me.When I'm working alone in my studio, I always listen to music. Mostly obscure singer-songwiter stuff. I love a good, sad song.

Any advice to people who feel clueless on what to write in a card?

Speak from the heart.

Coolest card you ever got? Tell me about it.

I'd say the best cards I've received are the ones my partner has given to me. It is always a really sweet to be traveling for work and open my suitcase and find a beautiful card tucked inside. It could just be a little note of encouragement or a reminder that I'm loved -- the gesture is appreciated! My kids like to make cards for special occasions. I always did that as a child, too. These are my treasures.

Do you ever save cards?

Why, of course! I save cards that touch my heart. They are part of the story of my life.

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