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David & Patti Stanger on The Love and Sex Report

Last week I got to spend another fun day hanging out with my mentor and matchmaker to the rich and famous, Patti Stanger.

We spent a day recording a few episodes of her podcast, The Love & Sex Report. It was a hilarious day (as usual) as we spent the afternoon in true form chatting about the latest dish in hollywood relationships.

In last weeks episode, we welcomed Astrologer Christopher Renstrom of Christopher is all kinds of fantastic and is known not only for his knowledge in Astrology, but for his columns in and the San Francisco Chronicle.

This week we got to chat about the CRAZINESS that is happening in CELEB Breakups!

Christopher and Patti had some amazing insight on just why break ups are happening, why it's not a good time to date, and just when will all of this craziness end.

It's a super amazing poscast that you don't want to miss. Check out the link below to listen and make sure to subscribe to The Love & Sex Report on itunes. The subscription is free!

Plus... whenever I make a guest appearance it's always fun!


Click here to listen to last weeks episode of The Love & Sex Report with Astrologer Christopher Renstrom, Patti Stanger & David Cruz

Click here to subscribe for FREE to The Love & Sex Report on iTunes!

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