Guys Who (STILL) Play POKEMON... What Women REALLY Think!

"Guys, If your still playing Pokémon Go, here are three things that woman are thinking of you!"

1) You’re A Gamer

And there’s nothing more annoying than gamers who sit in a dark, musky den with their faces glued to the screen for hours while pigging out on chips and soda. Videogames dedicate their lives to sitting on a couch for hours at a time and engaging with an online community of other shut-ins who probably haven’t showered in a few days, or seen sunlight. At least Pokémon Go has encouraged gamers everywhere to get off their asses and into the real world, but once a gamer, always a gamer and the appeal of having to exercise while catching Pokémon will soon wear off.

2) You’re Immature

Any guy who plays video games over the age of 20 is immature. Now please understand that there’s nothing wrong with Pokémon Go, it’s actually a really fun game to play, kill time, and explore your neighborhood. However, it’s also important to put into perspective that you could accomplish so much more in the same out of time (for example: reading a book, calling your parents, talking an online class, going to spin class, etc.)

3) You Have Too Much Free Time

If the only reason you’re getting out of your couch and out of your house is to catch Bulbasaurs, there’s an issue. Everyone has something to do, whether it’s going to work, grocery shopping, tutoring, and meeting up with your family or a friend for coffee, *cough* adulting *cough*. However, despite the daily list of things you need to accomplish, you somehow have time to play a video game all day?

4) You Lack Responsibility.

This one goes hand-in-hand with having too much free time and being immature. It’s not as though you have the free time, it’s just that you’re choosing not to do what needs to get done because you don’t want to.

The last thing any young woman wants to do is date someone who is immature and irresponsible. We want men who have their lives together, men who know what needs to get done and does it. Those who don’t have time for senseless activities like playing Pokémon Go. So when it comes to dating, it’s best to put the Pokémon Go away. At this point in your life, there comes a time when you needs to let go of your childhood. Unless you’re one of the young entrepreneurs profiting from Pokémon Go by selling high ranking accounts, driving Pokémon players to different PokeStops, or designing phone cases to help new players catch a Pokémon, Pokémon Go is not benefiting your life in any way.

Felisa Wiley

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