"Finding Cupid Radio is a show that entertains and provokes"



Finding Cupid Radio is a modern day guide to surviving the dating world and life in general.

Hosted by David Cruz, Author of the blog Finding Cupid, David and his guest’s help you navigate through the slips and spills of love, dating and relationships.

Joined by Team Cupid, David and the team entertain, provoke and discuss all that is happening with love in Hollywood, the world and your bedroom! 

The show also explores how to be a better person in life regardless of relationship status. At Finding Cupid Radio, we believe that love isn't simply about dating,  but also about being a better human being. 

Join Finding Cupid as they interview celebrity guests, singers, authors and friends about what it means to be better at the long-forgotten art of Love. ​


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On the last episode of Finding Cupid Radio...

David and Team Cupid are back for the 8th Season of Finding Cupid Radio! 


Joining him in the studio is returning co-host Matt Wall, Shawn V. Michael, and Davina Adjani. 


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