Dating the Men of Bravo tv's "The Peoples Couch!"


Last week the guys of Bravo tv's "The Peoples Couch" stopped by Finding Cupid Radio to hang out with Matt & I and chat about well, you guessed it, DATING!

Before we even got on the air, the energy was over the top! This was certainly going to be one of those shows that we would remember!

On this episode of Finding Cupid Radio, we talked about all the highs and lows of Dating in LA and what were some of the funny "dating horror stories" they had.

This was by far, one of our funniest episodes!

As a Finding Cupid BONUS, we asked the guys a few more questions about dating and they told us a bit more about what thier perfect dates would look like.


Emerson Collins

1. Dream Date "If you could be surprised with a dream date, what would that be?"


I'm kind of easy. (I set that one up nicely!) For me, dating has always been about the company rather than the activity. I don't care about the restaurant or the "what" because if I enjoy the "who" than I'm happy to do almost anything. As long as it's not sportsball related. As for a surprise fantasy date, I don't know, a sunset hot air balloon ride and then dinner on a patio at the beach sounds lovely and fun!


(Warning: I dream big!)

It would be a handsome guy showing up to my door in a suit, telling me I had two hours to pack a bag for a romantic Paris. He will have planned everything (which is so sexy to someone like me who is always in charge of planning everything in my life/work) and all I would have to worry about is finding all of the croissants I can eat in one weekend once we get there.


Scott Nevins

In reality, I get the guy who shows up in flip flops and asks if we can skip the meal and just do coffee - "in case we don't vibe". Where have all of the MEN gone?!


It's extravagant but it's a dream, right? My dream date is a dinner cruise down the Seine in Paris at Sunset!

2. What is one thing that turns you on about a guy the most?


The Smile. It always has been. It's not about a perfect smile, it's about the freedom in the smile - the kind that starts with the lips and ends with a light in the eyes. Even more so if there is an occasional impish, mischievous quality to it. I have found that people who smile freely and often show that they are comfortable with who they are and have an openness to the world and people around them. I find that incredibly attractive.

Blake McIver


Manners. I am old school, and when a guy is a total classy gentleman it is the sexiest thing to me. So often our community thrives on "shade", cutting people down or making sexual jokes out of everything (WHY is this the only form of humor some gay guys know?!?). It's all so basic to me. A gentleman with manners and class stands out from the crowd and catches my attention right away. Looks fade, but being dumb and rude can last forever...


Intelligence. The brain is truly the sexiest body part to me!

To listen to Finding Cupid Radio with the guys of "The Peoples Couch", CLICK HERE!