Mothers Day Memories... The good, the bad and the gosh darn cute ones

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As we gather to celebrate our Moms this coming Mothers Day, it's often sweet to reminisce on some of the fond memories we have with our Moms! Team Cupid gathered a few of thier favorite memories to share with all of us!

Share a funny punishment your Mom gave you as a child for misbehaving- and what did you do?

"Our next door neighbor was a sweet old Italian lady who would make me nutella waffles. Mum would give me a piece of fruit and ask me to play in the backyard - with strict instructions not to go round to the neighbors house. As soon as she was out of sight, I’d throw the apple in the bushes, pick some flowers (that were probably weeds) and take them round to Antoinetta’s place knowing that she’d invite me in for waffles. Mum caught onto it pretty quickly. I don’t think I got punished though."

-Bella Acton, Finding Cupid Radio

What is your foundest memory with your Mom?

There are so many, but whenever I was sick we'd sit and watch old black and white movies(mostly old horror movies and Bette Davis movies). But I think that's where I got my love for horror movies for sure.

-Spencer Neustadt, Finding Cupid TV & Radio

I remember that my mom loved to sing with us. Whenever we were going to the grocery store or cleaning the house, she would put some music on and force us to sing with her. I remember being so embarressed! I mean, what kid wants to sing songs with thier parents!

As I got older, I really got into it. My favorite memory was when she got the Whitney Houston album. (and by album I mean cassette tape! Lol) We would sing "Greatest Love of All" at the top of our lungs and I loved it. When the song was done she would always reach over to me in the passengers seat and tickle me. Teasing me about how I now loved singing with my mom.

(Full disclosure: I still sing that song out loud and it always makes me think of my mom!)

-David Cruz, Founder of Finding Cupid

One ongoing fond memory, if you can call it that, is whenever I'm with my mom for a visit she'll find a way to put notes in my suitcase or in my toiletries case or any little place where I will randomly find it later. When I moved to LA I bought a big bottle of Excedrine at Costco but didn't use it until well after living here. When I opened the bottle she had written a note in the cap! She's always been so thoughtful.

-Mall Wall, Finding Cupid Radio

Walking through our veggie garden picking green beans and mum teaching me the names of the veggies in french!

-Bella Acton, Finding Cupid Radio

The fondest memories with my mom are in the kitchen. We bond over stories and how her dishes evolved over time. She is absolutely the most incredible and influential woman in my life and I am so grateful for her. She’s the type of woman who would sacrifice everything for the well being of her kids. I have only one daughter and I cannot imagine what life was like raising 5 children.

-Leyna Doan

What was the childhood nickname your Mom called you and does she still use it today?

My mom’s nickname for me is Sugy (short for sugar) - Renee Jablow

My mom calls me Petunia. - Natalie Susi

My mom has always called me "Mattski" since I was little; even to this day she'll write it in notes she sends me. - Matt Wall

My Mom (and my whole family) STILL insists on calling me Davy! - David Cruz

My mum gets my sisters and I mixed up, so it normally goes something like this ‘gemma, I mean, milli, I mean… darling' - Bella Acton

My mom is the only one allowed to call me Spency. She still calls me this. -Spencer Neustadt