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Summer is upon us and with that comes the excitement of the plans we all attempt to squeeze into a few short months. However, with the excitement can also come the overly vocal, bragging of the fabulous things the people we know, "they," have planned this summer. We can relate can all relate to this, and are probably guilty of a little bragging in the guise of our excitement & the overall brag-worthiness of the experience we had planned.

This summer, instead of feeling down when your summer plans are not stacking up to "theirs," turn it into inspiration for a regional version or a staycation concept. I especially, love these more accessible but equally enjoyable twists on some of summers most extravagant trips.

These ideas are perfect for a couple on a budget this summer or a new couples, still testing the water, who want to fill their summer calendars together without making such a huge financial investment so early in the relationship. Also time is another factor for couples with family, especially blended families that are juggling a full plate of schedules, instead of hoping for the miracle week of no conflicts, find a day here and there for activities near or at home. Here three popular, extravagant summer travel packages with regional & staycation solutions .

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Luxury 7 Day French Wine Tour Through Bordeaux

Starting at $4799 per person

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Regionally - Instantly Sonoma & Napa are excellent options for those in Northern California, but costs could quickly equal Bordeaux if you are not careful. It is important to note gone are the days where notable American wines come only from Sonoma & Napa. This is great news for Southern California Wineries in Santa Barbara, Malibu, & Orange Counties. Additionally, Oregon & Washington are producing coveted wines, as are the Finger Lakes & North Fork in New York. If you do a little research you are likely to find a collection of wineries worth a day trip from you. My first stop would be a local wine shop to see what they carry from within the state.

Staycation - If you are making a trip to your wine shop inquire what events or services they offer. My favorite wine shop The Urban Grape in Boston ( has a weekly tasting, each week a new theme. You really could not make wine tasting easier. Some wine shops may also have in house experts that can help you host a wine tasting in your home for friends. Think of all the time & money you just saved.

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Kamalaya Comprehensive Detox Rejuvenation Week

Starting at $4800 per person

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Regionally - Detox Rejuvenation programs can be found all over the country. Recognizable names like Canyon Ranch & Kripala over a variety of experiences from Detox, Healing, Meditation and over all Well Being. But you can go one step further. Do an internet search for Yoga conferences or Detox Programs in a nearby city and make it a weekend getaway. What if you aren’t both drinking the kool aid, I mean handpicked detox green tea. A great example is a conference like the New Life Expo in NYC accomplishing multiple objectives for the couple where one is detoxing & the other is business as usual. It provides everyone an opportunity to explore their interests and enjoy city sights while still being able to supporting one & another.

Staycation - For a fraction of what it would cost to detox in Thailand, by the way that price did not include airfare, which could easily add an addition $2,000. Invest in activities at home which will fill you and your significant other’s calendar. Ideas like establishing a healthy summer living plan, weekly yoga, cooking at home, visiting farm stands, or even splurging on the occasional personal training session all will help promote balance in your summer without the extreme deprivation. After all you waited long and hard to enjoy that rosé on a balmy summer evening. Planning healthy activity throughout an entire summer will help habit forming to establish a balanced lifestyle, much more so than an isolated week out of the year.

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Italy For Art Lovers

13 Days starting at $23,755 per person

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Regional - The United States is home to some of the most exceptional museums & collections in the world. According to the American Alliance of Museums there are over 17,500 museums in the United States, so chances are there will be unique museums in every destination you visit this summer. At the end of the day this allows you to plan a diverse summer line up of museums with different themes. I would imagine even the biggest Botticelli enthusiast would have fatigue after nearly two weeks of Renassiance repetition. Regional museum trips allow you to not only economize, but also support local organizations. Experience & learn about a multiple of topics, a great way to appeal to everyone's interests.

Staycation - You could easily borrow some of the tips from the regional inspiration above. You could make a list of local galleries & art shows. Create a standing gallery night with your partner or friends. You may even find something you want to invest in together and chances are you may have the money since you are not paying over $20k each for an art tour. You could also mix in a couple of art classes if that interests you or even a simple paint night at a studio like Paint & Sip in LA. Painting bars like this are popping up everywhere.

The important thing to remember is no matter where you go, or what you do, you spend your time with the people who mean the most to you. Wishing you a summer full where all of your destinations are filled with love.

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