Love Wins!


Yesterdays Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage across the United States, made for a pretty historic day.

Never in my lifetime would I have thought that I would be witness to such a groundbreaking moment in not only US history, but in LGBT history.

I watched the tv as it broke into news headlines and was excited to witness the cheers from the crowds in DC and the wave of happiness across the world as the news hit social media.

In that moment, I began to cry tears of joy.

I can never fully expalin what it feels like to have gone through the process of coming out, the shame associated with it when I was younger and the challenges I faced throughout my life.

Being gay (was) something that I had to hide in fear that my parents, friends and family would disown me if they found out. As the son of a catholic family, a military father and catholic school upbringing, there was much fear that I faced in my early teens.

This victory was for all the LGBT men, woman and children who have fought so hard to live thier lives as authentic as possible.

Being able to love whomever you choose, without discrimination is a battle long fought by many gay men and women and our allys.

My tears yesterday were for all the people who fought before me. It was for the people who first took to the streets and challenged our government to recognize us as human beings with equal rights and with equal dignity. Those people and the many allys that we have today can all be proud of the work we have done and how far we have come in history.



I was happy to celebrate yesterday with my new fiance and to gather with many others in West Hollywood. Among us were young and old, gay men and women and our straight allys. We applauded todays victory and honored the fighters of the past, present and future.

I couldn't be any more proud to be an American than I am today.

Cheers to love being the real winner and cheers to all the happy couples that will now be united in marriage.