Lot's of new music is puring out this week. It's a mix of bubbly Pop, R & B and Rock, which is just how we like it! Check out these 3 new songs that are making thier way onto the Cupid Summer of Love Playlist!

1. Carly Rae Jepsen "Runaway With Me!"

We love this song so much it ALMOST helps us forget about the creepy Tom Hanks video. But, we love her no matter what. Check out this super cute love song! PS we LOVE the new hair Carly!

2. Bea Miller "Fire and Gold"

Do you remember her as the super young contestant on The X-Factor? Well, it looks as if she's on the fast track into the music charts. We are loving this song of hers .... THAT VOICE! So good!

3. Pia Mia "Do It Again"

FIrst of all, Pia is from Guam, where Cupid founder David is from! (those island kids are takingover!) We are happy to support this amazing artist as she shoots into fullblown star status!