Guys... this is why your single.

Your profile picture is just stupid. Yeah, you heard me. Stupid.

Time and time again, I am just baffled by the photos that people use on thier online dating profiles. In honor of this, I will posting some of the worst ones out there and sharing with you why they are not good to use.

Basically, any version of these if used as your profile pictures, is probably the reason you are still single.

The pictures below were submitted by our readers and are all REAL examples of what is really being passed around out there.

If you encounter some bad photos or interactions while online dating, guy or girl. Send them to me at [email protected]!

This Weeks Lesson: Do NOT lead with Bad Humor.

While a good sense of humor is important in a good relationship, shoving it down ones throat at the start will get you nowhere!

Remember the most important thing to communicate is that you are serious about wanting a relationship. Funny photos and one liners will scare away any potential dater if used in the wrong way.

With profile photos, choose a current photo that is taken from the waist up. We want to focus on your face in this first one. The second can be a full body photo, preferably taken during the day and up against a solid backdrop. For your third, you may show a "funny" one, but keep it tasteful and never with too many people in it.

Here are some of the worst offenders this week:

1. Mr. America.

While being patriotic is cute and all, a simpe line explaining why in your profile is more than sufficient.

In this photo, the guy has taken it way too far. This just screams "NEXT"

2. Mr. Photoshop

Sometimes one just can't help themselves when it comes to doing somthing funny. But in this photo, it's just creepy on so many levels.

Are you a genious on Photoshop? Awesome, maybe talk aout that in your profile, maybe even mention some awards you have won.

In this photo, it screams pedophile/dog lover and a man who clearly is afraid to show the world how he looks now. Come on, we can do better.

3. Mr. Waste of Time

There are two very big things wrong with this photo.

1. NEVER use a photo where you cutting other people out of the photo. It looks as if this could be an ex or a possibly even a current! No matter how much you think this a great photo, it still fails our test.

2. Lets say the photo worked out perfectly and the woman was intrigued by that goregous smile. It's what he said next that has our daters saying "What a waste of time!"

The humor this guy is using is off putting. Not only is it weird for a guy to ask a girl to be his "girlfriend" right at the start, but offering a CHICKEN is just being an idiot.

A simple 'Hello! I loved your profile!" works everytime and is, you know.... polite.