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Every year, I search high and low for the newest and most unique gifts to give for Valentine's Day. This year was no dissapointment! 


From 'Smart Cards" from Chipp'd to "The Heartbreaker" purse from Ora Delphine, my favorites are some of the very best! 



















This year I also have a few *Finding Cupid EXCLUSIVES! Check out the watch collection from FLEX! This is a collection I created with UK Author and Illustator, DOM&INK. 













And last but certainly not least, the "Be My Valentine" Candy trio from Sugarfina. This is super cute candy box has three of my favorite candies featured in a cute "XOXO" box. A FInding Cupid exclusive made in a limited run, so order yours fast! 













    • As featured with David in photos!

    • BIG LOVE BALL $85, Baby Love $45

  • FLEX Watches "LET'S JUST LOVE"

    • White "Quote Bubble" $40

    • Black "All Over Print" $40

  • Chipp'd "Video Greeting Cards"

    • Purchase Card

    • Create Video & Send

    • Receiver scratches to reveal bar code

    • Scans to unlock video! 

  • Sugarfina "Finding Cupid Giftset" 

    • 3 piece Valentine's Day Slider

    • Contains 3 small candy cubes

    • Love Parfait, Sweetheart Caramels and Champagne Bears   

  • Sugarfina, "Love Parfait"

    • Imported from Sweden

    • Strawberry gummy & fluffy vanilla marshmallow

    • Each stamped with "love" 

  • Sugarfina, "Sugar Lips" 

    • Sweet & sour to the taste

    • Watermellon, Strawberry & Bubblegum flavored 

  • Ora Delphine, "Heart Coin Wallet"

    • Red & Pink $99

  • Ora Delphine, "Heartbreaker" Crossbody

    • Shown in Black, $285

  • Romeo Delivers "Mini Banner" 

    • "I Love You" $15

    • Create Your Own Banner

    • Customize to any name

  • Piper-Heidsieck "Champagne" 

    • Light Box with Brut Cuvee, $40

    • Pour champagne while you light a candle to set the mood!


To shop any of these products, click on the link in the photos above!



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