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What is "Let's Just Love?"

"Let's Just Love" is a movement of the human kind. 


It's rooted in the deep emotions I have about the countless and senseless deaths and bullying of LGBTQ Youth. For a while,  it seemed like everyday that I would read in the news about another young teenager or child taking their life because they were being bullied about thier sexuality. It breaks my heart beyond explanation.


I created this movement to support anyone in the world who is being bullied because of thier sexuality, race, social status- or for just being a unique individual. The "Let's Just Love" movement demands that LOVE be the cornerstone of how we treat every Human being that we interact with, everyday.


Wouldn't it be great if we all just supported and encouraged eachother?


Love isn't just about relationships, dating and Valentine's Day. Love is about being human. It's time that we started loving eachother more passionately and with greater intent to make the world a better place. 


Love is the thread that binds us all. 


It's time to stop with the hate, discrimination, bigotry and violence and work towards a world where we live as equals. 


Let's show compassion. Let's show support. 

Let's Just Love. 


-David Cruz 

Founder & Creative Director 

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a special thank you

To my friend Dominic Evans of DOM&INC, the talented artist and illustrator behind all the art shown in the "Let's Just Love"Campaign. Please check out his books "Map My Heart" & Map My Style" out in stores and here on my shop!


Also, to my friends and partners at FLEX Watches, Trevor Jones & Travis Lubinsky. Thank you for helping me bring this passion project to life! 


Last but not least, thank you to everyone who believes in me and the work that I do here at Finding Cupid.  It makes me so happy to know that people in the world still believe in all things love. 



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