A Letter From The Editor

September has always been one of my favorite months.

When I was a child it signaled the "Back to School" season where I took great pleasure in shopping for clothes, school supplies and the perfect backpack to show off at school.

Now, as an adult, September is the month that heralds in the BIG adult birthdays, like 30, 35 and soon... 40. (Eeek!) I love planning my birthday. It's a time when I get to catch up with all my friends, eat cake and celebrate.

With each year that I age, I find myslef looking back and reflecting more on how I lived my life. I always try to force myself to live as fearless and courages as possible. I believe all of us should push as hard as we can to be successful and happy and never stop until we are there. Why be unhappy, right?

This last year was pretty amazing year for me.

Between the new job with Millionaire Matchmaker and the all the press and attention it has brought to this website; I could not be happier.

But still, somehow, I keep asking myself "How do I do more?"

I found the answer to that question in a quote from the Greek Philospher Heraclitus, in which he says "The only thing that is constant, is change."

So change it is.

In the next few months, we will be undergoing serveral changes to this site in order to welcome a new way of experiencing Finding Cupid. We will make it easier for you to read our blogs, interact with us at Cupid HQ, shop and keep up to date with me on the show.

This week I will also roll out a new roster of talented, smart and funny contributors that will be talking not only about dating and love- but beauty, fashion and more. Don't forget to check out The Marketplace too. I will soon be adding a ton of new products that are exclusive to Finding Cupid. The best of the best!

So as the seasons change from Summer to Fall and eventually winter, I invite you to get to know my site all over again. I hope to give to give you a new reason everyday to stop by and have fun.

But, no matter how many changes we go through, I make all of you this promise:

What will never change is reason why I started this site and that reason stands true even today.

Finding Cupid will always be here to inspire you, guide you and remind you how to love... again.

Keep on Loving!

David Cruz

Founder, Finding Cupid