LOVE... ACROSS THE POND! Ep. 1 "Love & Age"

Have you ever wondered if other people in the world had the same opinions about love as you did? Well, here at Finding Cupid we wondered the same thing too and came up with one heck of way to find out.

Introducing Danny Jennings, a young gay man from the UK who is a fabulous Youtuber. He has a pretty extensive vlog already and we thought it be great to send Danny on a few missions in the UK and see if love, dating and all the craziness inbetween was the same as it was in the US!

For Danny's first mission, we wondered what the people in the UK felt about dating and age. Does it make a difference? Do young people have a different view from older people when it comes to love?

Watch now as Danny asks the tough questions about "Love.... Across The Pond"

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