New Music Review: Who's Winning & Losing Our Hearts!

By David Cruz

It's about this time of year when all the "Love Songs" start making their way into our radios, just in time for Spring Weddings and Valentine's Day. There have been a few we love and a few that just don't make the cut.

Here are some of the latest! Which one do you love?

1. Ed Sheeran "Thinking Out Loud"

Score: 4 Hearts

I rank this song high for the lyrics, but the video is a bit awkward. Don't get me wrong, I love me some Ed Sheeran, but this video reminds me of a really bad audition for "Dancing With The Stars"... I forgive you Ed. (this time)

2. One Direction "Night Changes"

Score: 3 Hearts

Im always torn with 1D because they have such great ballads, but sometimes I just want a GOOD video. Cheeky factor aside, I want them to mature a bit in that part of thier world. It's obvious that managment wants them to look older to appeal to a larger crwod, but growing facial hair on a Twink body is a bit of a stretch.

Maybe they should take some pointers from Taylor Swift, that girl knows how to mix the camp & the glam the right way.

I still love you 1D!

3. Madonna "Living For Love"

Score: 2 Hearts

Madonna will always get an automatic point from me. This woman keeps kicking them out and somehow keeps me interested. It's reported that this was suppossed to be a VDay release until it's "leak" on Christmas,

(Im using air quotes) .... "leak"

Full points will be awarded after I see the video. Until then, points for a dance tune, the choir and a Christmas Day release.

4. Selena Gomez "The Hearts What It Wants"

Score: 4 Hearts

Selena is slowly finding her way in the music world. Shes come a long way from the Disney girl she once was. In this song Selena shares (what we think) is her heart break and torture of her on and off again relationship with Justin Beiber. I LOVE this song. It speaks to how crazy and unclear our heads and hearts get when we just love someone, even if they are bad for us.

I can't stand the intro. with her crying in the video. I do a hard eye roll when I hear it, but thankfully they cut it out of the radio versions. We have all had those terrible relationships that we should (not) be in and Selena helps us survive them with this song.

I want more of this from her. Catchy and sentimental.