Get Ready for FASHION: David Cruz + Moods of Norway

David suit _edited.jpg

It's official kids, FASHION HAS ARRIVED!

Last week, Moods of Norway and I announced my exclusive collaboration and I could not be more excited! (insert mad jumping and hysteria here)

But first let me start from the beginning.

Fashion has always been in my DNA. I have spent a good part of my life working for many big retailers like The Gap, Club Monaco and even Zara. I spent my college years in the trenches just like many kids today, folding denim into walls, dressing windows and styling customers.

As the years past and my taste matured and I eventually found my way into luxury retail. I spent many fond years with Barneys New York, where just like Carrie Bradshaw, I discovered designers that would change my life- and my bank account.

Fashion is emotional. It's not just about clothes, designers and trends. It's about how it makes you feel, the confidence it gives you for a job interview or even a date.

One's individual style is a calling card to the world.

When my friends at Moods of Norway approached me about a partnership I quickly jumped at the opportunity.

Thier clothes are fun, stylish and full of personality. They are a hidden gem here in the US even though they are fashion giants in thier country.


This last season, while we filmed Millionaire Matchmaker. I had the opportunity to wear almost every suit they made- It was quite the experience!

The colors, the fit and the options were endless! From basic styles to fun prints - they gave me everything I needed to feel confident on screen and at all my mixers.

Over the next few months I will share with you some of the styles that I chose to wear on the show and also give you some pointers on how to shop. I will help you find your own individual style and achieve the confidence you need to conquer the world in front of you!

David Moods Of Norway 1.jpg

So guys, whether you need a suit for work or a hot date, I have you covered. Ladies, I got you covered too! They have a womens collection that is super amazing.

I can't wait to share with you all of my favorite pick, style advice and sneek peeks into the seasons biggest trends!

Until then, check out a few of my latest picks from the Fall/Winter Collection on my exclusive collaboration page on the Moods website! Just click the link below!