How to live ""La Vita è Bella!" (A Beautiful Life)


By Christopher Marsala

The winter winds always seem to conjure up imaginative visions and images for me—where I used to be, fantasies of who I’d like to become, and feelings of every hue and shade. Lately, my thoughts return to Europe.

"As I reminisce on my Italian cappuccinos, nighttime Parisian strolls past the sparkling Eiffel Tower, and colorful Barcelona architecture by Gaudí, I’ve asked myself: how can I keep those extraordinary travel experiences alive as I return to a day-to-day routine?"

Thankfully, I’ve come up with three ideas to apply to my everyday realm!

  • Coffee Dates (Or Tea…Or Hot Chocolate) With Myself

After observing Florentine Italians take their morning cappuccino or espresso, I discovered that their coffee ritual possesses more of a “slow-it-down” vibe, rather than an “I need this to wake me up” attitude. Italians—and Europeans at large—take their time to enjoy rich, bold, creamy coffee, all while taking in views of gorgeous architecture and people-watching the piazzas. In retrospect, I now realize that coffee to the Italians is probably what meditation is to a Buddhist monk: essential in maintaining a spiritual connection with life. Having said that, I plan on making time every week to sit outside on a bench or by a window with a spacious outdoor view, sipping my piping hot libation of choice and contemplating on my life—in all of its mysterious and awesome grandeur.

  • Color Life In, Live Out Loud

Here’s a fun fact about Europeans: they are some pretty rebellious mofos. And they love to add color to the lives they lead. Case in point: I spray painted Prague’s John Lennon Wall and felt like such a bad ass. Life mission complete! As I come back to my everyday life, I plan to literally add more “crazy color” to my life—in my fashion style, in my dorm room and living spaces, and most importantly, my attitudes and beliefs! I’ve realized since being independent as an international traveler that sometimes, I’ve gotta do my own thang! Whether that’s having a night out on the town or deciding to dye my hair streaks of purple, it’s liberating to give myself permission to be sassy, wild, and adventurous as I continue to explore and create my own identity.

  • Embrace Everyday Magic

Having lived in Italy for three and a half months, I rediscovered that it’s really in the subtle simplicity of everyday that one can create happiness. Taking a stroll alongside a river, sipping a coffee and nibbling on a Nutella croissant, watching street performers play a song or two…when I’m present for those moments, that’s when contentment and joy can sneak up on me and come into my life. There’s so much simple beauty and potential excitement waiting for me as I go about my day, and I want nothing more than to take in the possibilities that are out there.

Just thinking about worldly travels sparks my inspiration and excitement for what’s to come. And the best part? It’s just the beginning.

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Chris Marsala, Love Blogger

Curious, excited, and passionate about life’s possibilities, writer and blogger Christopher Marsala can think of no better way to share his life experiences than through the (online) written word. When it comes to matters of the heart, he believes that having faith in the Universe, loving oneself, and using his playfully seductive witticisms are a divine trifecta for for attracting romantic succes.