That is the one word truly describes how I feel about the return of my talk show, Finding Cupid Radio. The show is the sweet spot in my career as it truly allows me to connect with listeners and the questions they have about love.

Since being on Millionaire Matchmaker, it has been a little hard to schedule the right amount of time to focus on the show. I barely made it through last years season because I was so busy filming. But this year I am more focused than ever and I have made some big changes to the shows format.

"This year the listener is the most important part of the show. We have made it so that your questions about love, dating and relationships are the core the show. The questions and the listeners are the star."

So on that note, If you have ever had a question about love, dating or any six degrees of the subject, write us TODAY! (Like RIGHT NOW!) You could be part of the upcoming new season of Finding Cupid Radio!

For those of you who have never listened to my show, here’s a brief rundown:

Finding Cupid Radio is place where all things Finding Cupid come alive. It’s a place where “Team Cupid & I” chat about things that affect you, the listener, in the world of dating and love.

We often have special guests and experts on the show too. From funny to serious, we cover it all. The best part is we can (and will) say anything! So be prepared. We are quite the entertaining show.

Until then, mark your calendars for EVERY Wednesday night at 8pmPST.

To listen and watch the show LIVE, log onto and click on the Finding Cupid Radio Banner. You can chat with us in the group chat room and even tweet us live.

Don’t forget, this show is all about YOU, the listeners. Every week you will get a chance to ask your question LIVE to David & Team Cupid. So make sure to write into us to ask your question! You never know we may be calling you to be a guest caller on the show!

We are looking forward to connecting with you this season so make sure to make some time on your Wednesday nights for us!

Send your questions to [email protected] put “Finding Cupid Radio” in the subject line.

Make sure to include a phone number that we can reach you at too, that way our team can connect with you!

See you this Wednesday night!



EVERY Wednesday at 8pmPST

Season Premier on January 21st ONLY on