An Interview with Dr. Tabassum Mir from Bravo's "The Singles Project"

Last year, Bravo TV debuted an awesome new show called "The Singles Project" where viewers at home could help cast members make decisions about the people they dated. It was the ULTIMATE intergration of technology, television and dating. Viewers at home also interacted via social media and became sort of a silent cast member as the show progressed.

As crazy as it was, I personally was all in!

That's were I met my friend Dr. Tabasum Mir.

As super Bravo fan myslef, I watched along with the rest of America and she became one of my favorite cast members. I tweeted my picks and voiced my opinions on how her dates were going.

Last week Tabasum and I hopped on Skype and chated about our experiences on tv and dating and I even shared my 3 Golden Rules for Dating in the Modern World!

Check it out below!

Side Note: The audio quality was a little off, so please forgive us. However, it's super fun interview!

For more on Dr. Tabasum Mir, click here to check out her amazing website!