Manscaping 101 courtesy of "A Brit & A Yank!"

We have watched our share of many amazing YouTube videos, but our most recent discovery has us in stitches!

Enter James & John (aka A Brit & A Yank)

The two have been best friends ever since meeting in LA three years ago. Their witty banter anytime they were around eachother, had many of thier friends dying of laughter and begging for more!

So they did what any red blooded American would do, they made a YouTube channel.

The first installment of "A Brit and A Yank" has James and John addressing the age old question of how does one Manscape!

(Manscape: verb. When a guy shaves or trims his body hair to appear neat and well-groomed; especially the pubic region.)

The result is this hilarious video complete with James giving us an up close look at his crotch through half of the video and John sharing his love Nair body care products.

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Oh... and guys. Don't forget this is actual knowledge on how to "trim that bush!" So take this advice PLEASE. Your husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends and late night hook up's will be ever so grateful! Enjoy!

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