According To Spencer... A ComiCon Adventure Is Good For The Heart!

We have talked about it several times before on the radio show, I love ComiCon. Like in a BIG way! I love dressing up, meeting friends and meeting other Cosplay characters.

David, Matt and I have talked several times about one day going all together to their first Comicon and expereincinhg it together. So when Long Beach Comicon rolled around, I jumped at the chance to bring the cupid gang along with me.

Truth be told, David and Matt tried to turn it into a "relationship research" moment, which they did a lot of, but I think they eventually gave into the fun of ComiCon and just tried to take in all the fun! I think they enjoyed thier first experience at Comicon, you be the judge.

Check out the video below to see what happened!


Spencer Neustadt

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