What NOT to say about your "Dating Life" at Thanksgiving Dinner!

As much as we all look forward to gathering with family and friends this holiday, there is much to dread about the questions you will be asked. Also, let's not forget about the way certain people LOVE to overshare details about thier sexual accomplishments as your passing the turkey.

In order to help everyone avoid oversharing as we all gather to share this holiday, we present to you our resident blogger, Spencer Neustadt with a brand new video to explain "What Not To Say About Your Dating & Sex Life At Thanksgiving Dinner"

Also, welcome back Menorah Wig. (we missed you)

This video is rated NC-17 and contains strong adult language.

Warning: Spencer would like to warn all parents that when he made this video he had a very strong drink, which lead him to drop the F-Bomb way more than usual.


Spencer Neustadt

Hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area, Spencer Neustadt is a loud and proud nerd in every sense of the word. He attended Emerson College not once, but twice, where he received a Bachelor of Arts in theatre, and (half of a) Masters in broadcast journalism. Spencer has worked for various online publications, travel shows, reality TV, and currently works in theme park design. Spencer tends to nerd out over the following: Gayming, Marvel, Dr. Who, musical theatre, Disney, Dolly Parton & Eating.

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