"Ask Cupid"

Dear Cupid : I have been flirting with my co-worker for the last few months now and we have become pretty close. I am starting to develop pretty strong feelings for him. The thing is that he just broke up with his boyfriend and they still talk. I was thinking of confessing my love for him. What Should I do?

David: I have said it before and I will say it again "Don't Shit Where You Eat!" Anyone who dates a person from their workplace should know that it is the ultimate risk. Not only do some companies have strict policies against it, but think of the negative effects of if it doesn't go right. If your workplace crush turns crazy after a break up, it could be an all out war in the office.

Also, anyone who is fresh out of a relationship needs time to heal. You do not want to be a "rebound" lay. Cause lets face it, that's what 90% of people are after most breakups.

Think hard about this.

Hey David & Team Cupid: What is an appropriate amount of time to get off all dating apps when you start dating someone?

Team Cupid: We always recommend that once you have "The Conversation" about exclusivity you should both delete away! This should be a very straight forward conversation so that both of you understand the rules about what you are committing too.

Otherwise, if there is not commitment, feel free to stay on all apps!

Dear Cupid: I want to date more than one person at a time so I don’t go crazy and fall to quick. Should I tell the people I am dating about this or keep it a secret?

Team Cupid: Honesty is the best policy when dating, so you are absolutely free to share your strategy with people you are dating. However, this should be very matter of fact and discussed only if it is brought up. Do not use this as any sort of leverage to get someone to like you, you will only come off as non-committal.

Otherwise, Always have a spare!

Dear Cupid: I am a successful woman in a relationship and have no dating problems except for the fact that I love porn. I have never really involved my boyfriend in this fact but want to share in my fantasies. Should I tell him?

David: Absolutely! It is very important that you share everything about you to your potential life long partner. Especially when it comes to sex. This will only make your relationship stronger and your sex life more exciting. Share away.

Dear Cupid: I have been dating this girl for the last few weeks and she is amazing. We finally had sex this past weekend and she is crazy loud in bed. Like "over the top" where I felt she was a bit crazy. Do I address or join in?

Team Cupid: We always say "JOIN IN!" What are you so afraid of? Maybe you have been holding back for too long and need someone like this girl to shake you up.

All sex and no scream makes playtime pretty boring. Let go!

Dear Cupid: I don’t like kissing on dates until I know the person I am with is going to be monogamous with me. Is that crazy?

David: It's a bit crazy. What are you a Nun!!??

Nobody is saying you need to swap spit in a hot and steaming tongue tango, but the kiss is SUPER important.

You need to know if the spark is there. That kiss is the only way to find out.

Go for a small peck on the lips and see how that make you feel the next time. Hugs and handshakes usually mean you are not interested, so if you are go for the kiss!

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