Eli Lieb & Steve Grand "Look Away"

If there is one thing we at Finding Cupid cannot resist is a good breakup song.

Enter "Look Away" - a haunting ballad by singer Eli Lieb and Steve Grand.

Both Lieb and Grand found fame in the world of YouTube but have since grown past the the four walls of the medium to branch out into mainstream pop culture. Lieb has gone on star in commercials for Allstate Insurance and Grand has found success in being one of Country's first opening gay singers.

The song and collaboration between the two pushes past the cookie cutter formats that they have been known for to and breathes new life into the awesome talent that both Lieb and Grand really have.

If this is a sign of where they are both going musically, sign us up.

Check out the video for "Look Away" below and tell us what you think!