Why The Brangelina Divorce Hurts Our Soul

If you are anything like me, and most of the sane people in the world, you love Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

Let's face it, in the world of trashy reality tv, horrible celebrities and 2 minute relationships, Brad and Angelina are the epitome of who we want to be and a couple that we admire.

So needless to say, that when the news of the Brangelina split hit the news we were speechless and a bit numb.

I found myself asking questions as if I was a parent who just found out their straight A child had been cheating and forging report cards for the last 4 years of high school. My heart sank, I couldn't eat or sleep and I started crying for hours upon hours.

Ok, well, maybe none of that happened, but I was really shocked and I desperately needed to understand what was happening.

After much thought, I gathered my senses and put together the following list of why the Brangelina Divorce has us all a mess.

1. #CoupleGoals

I will be the first to admit, sure, they didn't exactly start the relationship off in true cupid fashion... but hey, we all start somewhere.

Brad and Angelina showed us what "Couple Goals" really looked like though. From Red Carpet sexiness, individual success paired with relationship focus and OH hey- that awesome family they put together. Brad and Angelina showed us that no matter how broken the pieces were before... you can still put it all back together- and in an even bigger way than before.


Am I the only who thinks ALL the other Hollywood couples are a bit crazy? I mean, I don't trust the Scientologists, the reality tv couples seem to be in it for just the attention and the others just don't seem to be as genuine or in it for the right reasons.

In a world of Hollywood crazy, Brad and Angelina seemed to be the light at the end of the tunnel.

Did I mention they traveled the world actually helping people and bringing aide worn torn countries?

FML. I am lucky if I get a Housewife to handout food on Thanksgiving at the local shelter once a year!

End of story.

3. They Worked Through Things

From the beginning, they showed us that challenges can always be overcome, even if it means heartbreak and pain. It's like, you want to believe they looked at wedding vows and said "Let's show people what In sickness and health really mean!"

They overcame previous heartbreak from past relationships, cancer, adoption of children AND managing individual busy careers.

This is something we can all relate to, after all, our relationships are not perfect, so we can relate to this.

4. They Were A Real Modern Family

They stood up for social issues, they adopted children, had biological ones and became the face of what it means to be family in our modern society. OMG- TWINS, they had twins too! It's like they are the Noah's Ark of families, they have one of everything.

My point is, they weren't cookie cutter. They embraced being different, flawed and complicated. Which is why we all identify with that.

No one will ever really know the real answer behind what happened with Brad and Angelina. Maybe this is the end and all we can do is mourn the sadness of this relationship ending. Or, maybe, this is just one of those things where they will surprise us by working through things and they will write some fascinating OPEd about it.

Whatever the outcome, don't lose hope on love.