What We Are Grateful For: Love

Every year around Thanksgiving, we at Finding Cupid like to take a moment to look back at the year and reflect on what we are thankful for. Here is a little sampling of what our hearts are grateful for.

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I've been with my husband for over 10 years now, and yes I still believe in love. Our challenges and milestones throughout the years, newfound degrees of patience and understanding, and growing with our daughter, heightened my heart to levels I never knew possible. I fall in love with them more and more every single day. So thankful for my healthy, loving and beautiful family.

-Chef Leyna Doan

Finding Cupid Blogger

I am grateful for my parents, no matter how many curves life throws their way they always end up sticking together. Their generation was taught that if something was broken it needed to be fixed or mended versus now a days if something is broken we just go out and buy a new one. We need to genuinely see the positive in those that we love and work towards a greater good – them being a prime example of that. It is because of them I believe in forever lasting love.

-Trenton Acrey

Finding Cupid Blogger

I am grateful for my Finacé. Our relationship continue's to teach me about love and inspire me in ways that I never have experienced. From all the little things he does like making me dinner when I am tired to asking me about my day every night when he gets home, he truly helps me redefine all I know about love. These are the moments that make every broken heart I have ever experienced in my life worth it. They all led me to him.

-David Cruz

Finding Cupid Founder

I am grateful for being able to witness my parents relationship through the years. Because of them I know what real, committed love looks like. With a lot of laughter and a willingness to put your ego aside and do what’s best for the family, you can make and build something that will last for a lifetime.

-Natalie Susi

Finding Cupid Blogger & Radio Co-Host

After a long day of being with friends, drinking, and watching movies, I took a nap on his couch and woke up to him feeding me pretzels. He thought he was being funny, little did he know that some pretzels were all it took to win my heart.

-Felisa Wiley

Finding Cupid Blogger