5 Things That Will NEVER Get You a Second Date

There are a few things that can go wrong on a first date. Perhaps you spill a glass of wine, your pants rip or even, god forbid, you forget your wallet. As embarrassing as these examples may be, one can still recover from them.

That is, unless, you commit the crime from the "Disaster on Arrival" List.

The DOA List is a list of things that one can do on a first date that IMMEDIATELY disqualifies you from a second date. Commit any of DOA Crimes and don't even bother texting on Wednesday for a Saturday date.

1. Bad Punctuality

I have always believed that making a good first impression is key in every facet of your life, but none more important than on a first date. If you are late 10 minutes or more to a date, this just shows poor time management and leads the other person to think you are irresponsible. Then they wonder

I continue to fall back on reminding everyone that like a "job interview" - its important to show up ready to impress! Being late is an automatic disqualification.

2. Sloppy Dress Code

The way you dress on your first date is EVERYTHING! It communicates to the other person your commitment to hygiene, your attention to detail and overall "care" about the way you look. Insert my personal favorite gay gospel line "you never get a second chance to make a first impression" here!

When you dress up, you not only communicate effort, but that you are genuinely serious about dating. Show up looking like you just woke up from your latest one night stand or fresh from the gym and you can kiss that second date goodbye!

3. Poor Personal Hygiene

While we are on the topic of hygiene, I cannot stress how important "Fine Tuned" hygiene is. While you may think that just taking a shower is good enough, here are some EXTREMELY important (yet over looked) deal breakers that you must attend to.

1. Nail Care: Trimmed hand and toe nails are extremely important. While its important for women to get a fresh mani/pedi- guys its just as important for you as well. No, I am am not asking guys to get a fresh coat of paint on your nails, but I am asking you to clean the dirt from under your nails and cut them. No man should look unkept, that is unless you are a caveman.

2. Scent: 1-2 sprays is more then sufficient. There have been many offenders of the 6-8 sprays and its absolutely repulsive. Whether you are a guy or a girl, you should not be smelling like a perfume factory.

Also, guys, AXE Body spray is DISGUSTING. Do the world a favor and invest in a real fragrance.

4. Tech Dependency


I won't elaborate on this except to say that dates are intended for you to find out more about a person. Checking your Instagram or Facebook feed is not appropriate on any level!

While on a first date you are caught checking your phone more than asking questions, your date has every right to get up cancel current and all future dates. FOCUS!

5. Negative Attitude

While its important to communicate your needs and hope for a future partnership on a date, its equally important to stay away from a negative tone and attitude. This conversation comes in many forms:

1. Talking about how much you hate your ex.

2. Talking how much you hate going on dates.

3. Talking about how much you hate spending money.

4. Talking about bad things other people have done to you on dates.

If you find yourself talking about any of these subjects, or even a close cousin to them, stop yourself. This commentary reads as red flags to anyone who is on the receiving end. Even the most available single person can self sabotage if they are not careful.

David Cruz, III

David is the Founder and Creative Director of Finding Cupid. He has been writing about Dating & Relationships for the last five years and is a contributor to Huffington Post, Frontiers Media, Your Tango and many other publications. David can often be found in the greeting card aisle searching for the ultimate love card, or a bakery making bad decisions for himself.

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