How to Win at Speed Dating

There is an untapped resource in the world of dating. It's not a dating app, a website or even an exclusive club. It's Speed Dating!

For the most part, the world of Speed Dating has been confined to awkward scenes in RomComs and the pun of SNL Jokes. But that was the past and speed dating is making a comeback and is becoming the hottest new place to find the best singles in your neighborhood.

Recently I was able to host a Speed Dating night with the wonderful team at Mixalot. To my surprise, I was able to observe an exciting and energized new group of relationship minded individuals. As the night went on I was able to observe the good and bad habits of all the daters.

Here is my quick guide to winning at Speed Dating:

Speed Dating Do's

1. Come with an open mind and have fun

This first rule is key. You MUST have an open mind and throw away all expectations. While this concept sounds terrifying at first, its important to just embrace the process and have fun! I always reccomend bringing a friend, this makes for a good pep talk before and after.

2. Get to know everyone, even if you think it's not a good match

Remember, there is somone for everyone. While there is sure to be a few that are not for you, use each mini date as practice until you get facetime with that perfect person youv'e been eyeing all night.

3. Come prepared with questions that test humor and your curiosity

While you are headed to the event, think about what kind of questions you should ask. Keep them light, but focused on the kind of tempermant you want your perfect match to have.

For example, if you like food, a fun question might be " If you were a meal at a fancy which course would you be and why?"

4. Thank everyone as you leave, be kind.

Enough said. Remember, everyone is looking for the same thing and even if they were not a match, it's good karma to wish everyone well. You never know, you may meet a good friend or extend your professional network.

Speed Dating Dont's

1. Do not eat during the dates

I actually witnessed this a few times during this session. Nothing screams "Bad Manners" more than eating while you are talking. Sure, eating and chatting may be acceptable on a formal dinner, this is not that moment.

2. Do not have a bad attitude (word will get around, fast)

Remember, word of mouth travells fast in speed dating. If you are getting bad reviews, the daters will tell everyone. It's like YELP, but in person.

3. Do not be aggressive

Any sort of Q & A round has to be PG-13 for your first interactions. No questions about sex, politics or religion. Also, no questions about "If you found Love tonight would you get married!" That will send anyone runnig for the hills!

4. Do not get drunk

I repeat, do NOT get drunk! Have a drink to calm your nerves at the beggining (if necessary) and during if you must. But keep the rest of the night clean. Don't you want to be able to be able to remember the good guys you met?

David Cruz, III

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