A New Years Wish To All My Readers

Im waking up this morning with as much anticipation of the new year as everyone else has.

I always get so jealous when I see how Australia and Guam are already ringining in the New Year on the other side ofthe globe, just as I am making my first cup of coffee.

I wonder, what resolutions did they make. Who's happy that 2014 is over with and who is simply thanking all the powers that be for a wonderful year.

To me, the ringing in of the "New Year" signifies rebirth, a clean slate and a cleansing of old to allow new in anyones life.

Resolutions aside, this is all of our opportunity to do things better.

So, even if your single, didn't make enough money or things simply didn't go your way on 2014, right now is your chance to let it all go and start over. Take everything that you learned in the last year and apply it to an even better year ahead.

This scene from the Sex and The City movie has alwayas stood out in my head. I don't know weather it's the amazing version of "Auld Lang Syne" or the little stories it tells inbetween, but there's an amazing sub text being told in this short four minutes and fifty seconds.

I just about die when Carrie tells Miranda "Your not alone"

That's freindship, that's love!

No matter where you end up tonight or who you spend it with, just know that no matter what cards life has delt you up until now, there is a bright and shiny new year ahead filled with possibilities.

Thank you all for your wonderful support this last year and I promise you, you will never be alone as long as heart and soul of Finding Cupid beats on.

Happy New Year!

- David