Ok so maybe you aren’t as rich or famous as T-Swift and her squad to be able to do whatever you want this Halloween, but you are definitely still as fab as them all! Who needs (or wants) a significant other during Halloween?! There’s too much fun to be had, especially with your crew. So what antics should you get into this 31st?

  • Go to a Halloween Bash at a local bar. Now this one seems obvious. Look up your favorite bars, pubs, clubs, whatever! They’re 90% likely (a statistic I just made up) to be throwing some Halloween party with drink specials, good music, and lots of sexy people in costumes. It also gives you and your girls a good excuse to find a matching group costume idea! Where better to find your very own Mario, Michael, or Freddy? Ok maybe Michael and Freddy aren’t the best options but you get my drift. Which leads to the next topic...

  • Hook up with a hottie. Don’t be that person to abandon your friends for the first sexy guy you see—but do take advantage of being able to play the field. Maybe it’s the first time you’ve been able to do this in years, or maybe this is your 8th single Halloween in a row (not that I’m counting or anything).

  • Throw your own Halloween party. A party amongst friends where you don’t have to drive home at the end of the night is sometimes the best option. You get to pick the playlist, the games, and judge the costume contest (while knowing yours as hostess is the best, anyway).

  • Have a Halloween horror movie marathon. Maybe you’re over the over-priced costumes and drunken antics happening out and about at bars and parties. No worries! Make some eyeball and finger cookies along with other cute treats you found on Pinterest for snacks. Or better yet, skip those cute little homemade delicacies and save yourself the embarrassment when they ultimately become a #PinterestFail. Pizza and Oreos will also do. Jackie can bring over the cute finger foods she made from Pinterest. We all have that one friend. How do you successfully bake those Pinterest treats and make those DIY projects, Jackie?!

  • Go to a local haunted house. Places are beaming with haunted houses, haunted theme parks, haunted hay rides…you name it. Wouldn’t you rather grasp onto your bestie who will also want to be holding onto you just as hard as you walk through the creepy corn maze than your old BF who’d probably try to scare you even more? You’ll bond more with every scream (and maybe an accidental little punch).

  • Go to a graveyard with candles and a Ouija Board. Totally kidding. If you have the balls to do this, then I’m sorry but we could never be in the same squad because I’m not coming near that thing. Forget I even said this.

  • Hand out candy to trick-or-treaters. This is a Halloween plan often overlooked by those without children or nieces/nephews of their own, but it can be totally fun! You can dress up and scare the children, or just be a nice lady handing out Reese’s to the local neighborhood kids (or eating almost the whole bag of candy before Halloween comes around and turning off your porch light about 10 kids into the night, either way). Bonus: You’ll be done by like, 9pm the latest, so you can have a slumber party with lots of slumbering instead of getting TURNT and having possible regrets.

Really, being single for Halloween is the best. Your squad will most likely wanna agree on the same thing to do so whether it be go out and get wild or stay in and have some bestie bonding time, you can do it! Being in a relationship could be fun, but being single and being able to do whatever you want when you want to is even better! Just be wary of those Halloween hookups. They might turn into a short lived relationship with some holiday presents in a few months that you’ll be tossing to the side and selling on our site because you never liked them anyway.