First Date Advice

Here is my motto when it comes to dating: show your true colors in order to find out whether you clash or compliment each other.

Showing your true colors doesn't mean confessing everything in one sitting like a therapy session, however it means that you should cover all the basics that matter to you. When doing this, you are not trying to tell the person why they should "pick you" (I mean c'mon, you're not an avocado).

When it comes to important topics, it is essential that you and a potential someone are on the same page- and sometimes that same page is "agreeing to disagree"- there is nothing better than someone who is open to compromise.

Here are 4 BIG things that you should discuss on a first date in order to properly qualify Mr. or Mrs. Right.

1. "Where are you from?"

Get to know the person. You would never have someone move into your apartment if you didn't do a background check, right? If this person is going to "move into" your heart, you must ask them about what built them into the person they are now. It gives you an indirect view of who they are and also how they were raised- essential especially if you are looking to one day have kids with this person.

2. "What Are Your Favorite TV Shows?"

I know this sounds like such a generic question but I promise you there is a point to this. My motto typically is when it comes to dating, "if you don't like Seinfeld, we probably won't get along." I say this because I am dry, I am sarcastic and to someone who doesn't get that sense of humor, I may come off as a bit of an a$$. Ask them what their favorite shows are and get to know their sense of humor, what they like- it will give you an idea of what entertains them.

3. "What Brought You To (CITY HERE)?"

I live in Los Angeles and I asked this question for one particular reason- so I know what I'm signing up for. I don't mean it in a superficial way, but if someone has moved to Los Angeles to be an actor or a writer (like myself), it opens up the conversation of "what kind of writing?" or "have you done any awesome gigs?" It gives them an opportunity to tell their incentives in life- to find out if they are driven, what they are passionate about- which is wonderful to know on a first date with someone.

4. "Who's Your Celebrity Crush?"

I know its a weird question. But if they answer someone who is borderline 18/19 it will give you the answer of whether not this person is worth going on a second date with.

Davina Adjani

I was once told to stop writing and find something I'm good at and I have been writing ever since. I am a San Franciscan in Los Angeles who secretly loves it,a Frasier fanatic obsessed with country music and French Bulldogs. Within five minutes of talking to me you will know all about my family,who are my absolute everything. I live my life fully and honestly, and refuse to be confined by the fear that my intentions maybe misinterpreted. My Oma (grandmother) raised me to believe that love should always be a priority but most importantly, loving yourself is essential in this crazy world and with that in everything I write, I try to give the medicine of reality sugar coated with a sense of humor, hoping that through the toughest of times women know not only do they have the strength to overcome any obstacle but how spectacular they truly are.