January 25, 2015

By Jenny Blumenthal 


Ahhhh awards season.  


It’s that time of the year where fashion’s luxury heavy hitters get to display their designs fresh off the catwalk (or beautifully tailored custom creations)...

January 25, 2015

By David Cruz 


Here is the deal. I love Kelly Clarkson. I mean she had me at hello. We have watched her grow from a giggly American Idol winner to the MARRIED (bless her heart) Mother of a new baby...

January 25, 2015

By Spencer Nuestadt


In the latest adventure of "According To Spencer" , Matt Wall from Finding Cupid Radio is recruited to help solve the age old question of "WHAT'S IN MY MOUTH!?"


In this video, Spence...

January 25, 2015


by David Cruz 


Thank you all for being so patient! Your questions have been piling up and I am ready to get to all of them so here we go! 


Remember, If you have a question about dating, love, sex or an...

January 24, 2015


Valentine’s Day. It’s coming!!!


Even with the knowledge that the month of January is more than halfway over, it’s inevitable that the day for celebrating love is upon us. And for the first time...

January 19, 2015

It's happening... and I couldn't be MORE excited! All the "love" themed music is hitting the radio just in time for Valentine's Day!  From the look (and sound) of things, this year is going to be the be...

January 18, 2015




That is the one word truly describes how I feel about the return of my talk show, Finding Cupid Radio.  The show is the sweet spot in my career as it truly allows me to connect with listen...

January 14, 2015



This past weekend I had the oportunity of a lifetime to be a featured crafter at the Craft and Hobby Associations massive annual convention in Anaheim!


I was part of the RIT Dye & Cre8time booth where...

January 14, 2015


It's official kids, FASHION HAS ARRIVED! 


Last week, Moods of Norway  and I announced my exclusive collaboration and I could not be more excited! (insert mad jumping and hysteria here) 


But first...

January 14, 2015


By Christopher Marsala



The winter winds always seem to conjure up imaginative visions and images for me—where I used to be, fantasies of who I’d like to become, and feelings of every hue and...

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