April 26, 2016


David and Team discuss the growing trend of women steering away from relationships and replacing them with sexual partners with no real relationship obligations or goals. The team discusses everything...

April 26, 2016





All hail Queen B.

As you all have heard by now, Beyoncé premiered her new visual album, Lemonade, on HBO Saturday evening and the beehive has been buzzing ever since. The album provides just as many...

April 19, 2016


"Science and Flirting" David and Team Cupid discuss new facts and research behind Flirting and how it can make you more attractive. Are you doing things wrong and what can you start doing now to get a...

April 17, 2016

Here is my motto when it comes to dating: show your true colors in order to find out whether you clash or compliment each other.


Showing your true colors doesn't mean confessing everything in one sitti...

 When it comes to dating advice, who is the best at giving advice? Men or Women? Some say women are more in tuned with what they want, but some would argue that men are more decisive. 


To get to the bot...

April 12, 2016


Finding a date in real time is almost like a pleasant pastime in 2016. With apps like Tinder, Bumble, and OkCupid, singles have started relying heavily on swiping and typing to make their love connecti...

April 12, 2016

Check out the latest episode of Finding Cupid Radio! This week, David & Team give pointers on how to avoid being a "Needy Dater!" From calling after the first date to confessing your feelings, Team Cupi...

April 3, 2016



Check out the latest episode of Finding Cupid Radio with Special Guest, Eli Lieb. 


David and Team chat his newest single and video collaboration with Steve Grand. David and Eli discus his recent break...

April 2, 2016






Dear Cupid : I have been flirting with my co-worker for the last few months now and we have become pretty close. I am starting to develop pretty strong feelings for him. The thing is that he just b...

April 2, 2016

If there is one thing we at Finding Cupid cannot resist is a good breakup song. 


Enter "Look Away" - a haunting ballad by singer Eli Lieb and Steve Grand.


Both Lieb and Grand found fame in the world of...

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